“Balance” Seven Stone Chakra Bracelet


A beautiful bracelet with seven natural stones to represent the seven chakras in our bodies. When your chakras become out of balanced you may feel exhausted, ill and be operating at a low energy state. This crystal bracelet is perfect for helping you heal and balance your seven chakras.

These crystals represent the colours associated with each of the 7 chakras:

Red Jaspar – representing root chakra (red)

Orange Jade – representing sacral chakra (orange)

Tiger Eye – representing solar plexus chakra (yellow)

Green Aventurine – representing heart chakra (green)

Sodalite – representing throat chakra (blue)

Amethyst – representing third eye chakra (indigo)

Clear Quartz – representing crown chakra (violet/white)

The bracelet is 19cm long with a 4.5cm extender chain, so will fit any wrist up to 23.5cm. Each tumbled gemstone is 1cm wide and 0.8cm thick. As they are handmade using natural stones, they will all be unique and may look slightly different in colour and size to the pictures.

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